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10 FAQs for GAMCA Medical Test in India

The GAMCA medical checkup is mandatory to obtain a visa to work or reside in GCC countries. The countries are Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman. Yemen and Iran are the other countries asking for GAMCA medical tests. The detailed medical checkup assesses your overall health and ensures you are free from contagious diseases. The rules help the GCC countries protect their citizens from harmful or life-threatening diseases.

Suppose you apply for a visa to any of the GCC countries from India. In that case, you must go through a GAMCA medical examination. Taking the checkup at a GAMCA-approved medical center in India helps with quick visa approval. If you go to a non-approved hospital, there is a higher chance of missing some tests. The officials for visa approval may not approve such medical reports.

The GAMCA medical test includes a physical examination, blood tests, chest X-ray, and urine tests. It checks for diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B and C, and tuberculosis.

The medical report will be valid for the next three months. But it’s better to ask the embassy or call us for accurate details. The validity of a fit or unfit report varies based on the GCC country you are planning to visit. Also, take the test a few weeks before you travel abroad. If the report gets outdated, you have to take a new one. So, try to complete your visa process quickly so the medical report won’t go out of date.

You can book a GAMCA medical appointment directly by clicking the “Book Now” button above. You can also call +91 9488072911 to book a GAMCA medical appointment in India.

You need a copy of your valid passport and a visa application form. If you have a work permit, you should bring a copy of it. Keep two passport-size photographs and any other documents the chosen medical center mentions. Please keep the GCC appointment slip as proof of payment.

In India, it varies depending on your chosen city and medical center. It generally ranges from ₹5,000 to ₹10,000.

Once you complete the test, the medical center will provide you with a medical certificate. You have to submit the certificate as part of your visa application. But if you get an unfit report, call us quickly so we can guide you further.

YES, suppose it fails due to a treatable health condition. In that case, you can request medical assistance, complete the waiting period, and get a new medical certificate showing good health.

Exemptions for skipping the GAMCA medical test are rare. However, you should contact the embassy of the GCC country you are applying to know if there are any exceptions.