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GAMCA India Privacy Policy: How Safe Is Your Information

How GAMCA India Handles Your Information?

We collect your details when you utilize our services to book a GAMCA medical examination. But don’t worry; your data is in safe hands. GAMCA India protects your privacy and adheres to all applicable data protection laws.

Information Collected

GAMCA India collects the following details to book a medical test in an approved centre.

  • We collect your details like name, address, email and phone number.
  • Passport information.
  • Medical history relevant to the GAMCA exam

How Your Information is Used?

  • To book a GAMCA medical appointment for you.
  • To conduct a medical checkup accurately as per GAMCA guidelines.
  • To keep you informed about your appointment or report results.
  • To comply with any regulations governing GAMCA medical assessments.

Confidentiality of Your Information

Gamca India will not sell, share, or misuse your information with anyone, except when:

  • It’s essential to complete your GAMCA exam.
  • You explicitly grant permission.

Safeguarding Your Information

GAMCA  India implements security measures to protect your information from unauthorized access, disclosure, or alteration.

Your Control Over Your Information

By using Gamca India’s services, you agree to this privacy policy.

Policy Updates

GAMCA India may update this notice periodically. Check this page often to note down any significant changes.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, contact Gamca India for more details.