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Important Information About GAMCA Medical Appointment Cancellation In India

You may encounter emergencies where you must cancel your GAMCA medical appointment. The reason can be anything like a change in your travel plan, a job offer falling through, or a personal emergency, but it comes with a heavy price. You can cancel the GCC slip, but be ready to pay the fee.

While we understand your circumstances, we also want to remind you of GAMCA India’s cancellation policy. Canceling a GAMCA medical appointment in India after slip generation is difficult and expensive. So, it is always better to avoid such awkward situations.

Medical Appointment Cancellation Guide

Can I Cancel My GAMCA Medical Appointment?

YES. A GAMCA medical appointment slip is valid for 30 days. You cannot get a new appointment slip issued within these 30 days. If your slip has the wrong information, you have to cancel the slip and reapply. There may also be other situations where you must cancel your GCC appointment slip.

If you cancel the slip, you must pay a cancellation fee to GAMCA. After paying this fee, you can apply for a new medical appointment slip from GAMCA. So, if anyone asks you, “Can I cancel my GAMCA medical appointment?” say yes.

How Can I Cancel GAMCA Medical Appointment in India?

We recommend contacting GAMCA India’s customer support team directly to initiate a cancellation.

Call +91 9488072911 or email to cancel your scheduled GAMCA medical test.

Keep your payment options ready to pay a small sum of Rs 2000 as a cancellation fee.

Why the GAMCA Appointment Cancellation Fee?

While many of you may not be comfortable with the cancellation fee, please understand it’s essential for administrative reasons. GAMCA India has this policy in place for a few genuine reasons. We must handle the administrative costs and compensate the GAMCA medical centers. Medical centers block out time and resources for each appointment. The fee helps pay for the lost opportunity to schedule another patient. Similarly, the fee also avoids playful registration by people who do it for fun. Moreover, it ensures the booking service is available for people who genuinely need it.

How To Avoid Cancellation Of GAMCA Medical Appointment?

You may have planned the entire process. But still, cancellations can sometimes be unavoidable. Here, we share some tips to help you avoid GAMCA appointment cancellation. Try to finalize your travel and job plans before scheduling your appointment. This way, you can avoid cancellation due to a job offer falling through or location changes.

Reschedule your appointment instead of canceling it. It will help you avoid the cancellation fee and take the test quickly. This idea will work if you have an emergency on the scheduled day. Still, you can take the test within the 30-day validity period.

Schedule your GAMCA medical appointment today!

Before booking an appointment, read the GAMCA’s terms and conditions regarding cancellations. It can save you time and money. Many people are unaware of the cancellation fee and get disheartened when we ask them to pay.

We appreciate your understanding. Contact GAMCA India customer care if you have any other questions.

We look forward to your next booking!

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